I have worked with newspapers, assisted commercial photographers at Portland's largest commercial studio, did custom printing for Pulitzer Prize winning photographer David Hume Kennerly and worked freelance in Asia for 5 years. I've done work for Chubb Security, Indovina Bank, Coke, Foster's Beer. I've had images published on CNN.com, BonAppetit.com and NYTimes.com and most recently, for the LA Times Travel Oregon print section. Currently I'm producing a series of Gigapan images of the Northwest entitled NW Collection, as well as a continuing series of John James Audobon inspired Cannabis flower images.

The subjects I am most fascinated with are how we live, what are environments are like - the structure of our housing and how we co-exist. I find some of the most interesting people and lives can be right next to you and the most exotic places just over the hill somewhere close. Recently I've been fascinated with urban farming and the community that supports it as well as a few trips into clear cut to photograph logging and loggers as they work.